Hi my name's Eddy
Software Engineer, Musician, Student

About Me

I'm a third-year Computer Science student at Northeastern University. I'm passionate about learning from my peers, and forwarding my knowledge and insights to fellow students. I'm also heavily invested in pageantry arts and the effect music has on connecting the world.

Outside of classes, I spend my free time as a tutor for Northeastern's Fundamentals of Computer Science course. I'm also the president of NUHacks, a club at Northeastern geared towards hackers, creators, and breakers. When I have time to work on personal projects, I help develop SearchNEU, a site that helps Northeastern students search for classes.

I am currently employed as a Software Engineer Intern for the Routers and Switches team at Datto, Inc.

Work Experience

  • Facebook, Inc.

    Software Engineer

    September 2021

    Full time :D

    who knows?

  • Facebook, Inc.

    Software Engineer Intern (Payment Infrastructure)

    June 2020 - September 2020

    I was on the Payments Infrastructure team, where we built internal tools to help other Facebook engineers adopt payments within the company. At my time there, I helped to create a web tool which assisted engineers in mapping out the work needed to adopt payment tools for their services. It used Hack and reflection/meta-programming to determine what needed to be done by engineers, and then organized these steps into an actionable workflow. The tool also did some metrics tracking on endpoints to allow engineers to know which endpoints were receiving what types of traffic.

    Hack, React

  • Datto, Inc.

    Software Engineer Intern (DNET Routers & Switches)

    January 2020 - June 2020

    I was on the Datto Networking Routers & Switches team, where we build software to help our Managed Service Providers monitor and control managed network devices, most specifically, routers and switches. At my time here, I scrubbed our front end of all XSS vulnerabilities, as well as created a Docker environment for our events pipeline, allowing our developers to easily get set up, and develop. During my time here, I learned how to push out effective code efficiently, by the time I left, we were set to finish our new managed switches in 2/3rds the projected amount of time it'd take.

    Go, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Docker, Python, C++

  • Akamai Technologies

    Technical Support Engineer Intern (Web Support)

    January 2019 - May 2019

    At Akamai, I was on the Technical Support team, helping the full-timers troubleshoot network connectivity issues, slowdowns, and configuration issues on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform. I also served as the internal scripter for the team, creating tools to assist with the cleaning up of old, large files on Linux servers used by Engineers, as well as assisting on the design of a "Quest" system to game-ify learning.

    Bash, Python, Django, awk, grep

  • Northeastern University

    Tutor for Fundamentals of Computer Science I

    September 2018-December 2019

    I tutor students for our Fundamentals of Computer Science class, which entails holding office hours, grading, and answering questions on the online forum Piazza. This also includes assisting in weekly labs, answering questions about the weekly lab assignments, as well as proctoring weekly quizzes.

    Racket family of languages



A site for Northeastern students to search classes quickly and seamlessly!

#lang SBL

A Lisp-based symbolic execution language written in Racket

Contact Me

For all inquiries, including project ideas, commissions, and employment opportunities, or just general questions, feel free to email me at li.edwa@northeastern.edu, or reach out on Facebook Messenger!